You can track your product launch progress with this visual checklist and progress tracker.

Tag all involved teams - including product, development, marketing, and sales. It outlines all tasks required to ensure that pre-launch, launch and post-launch tactics are successfully executed.

<aside> πŸ’‘ To complete all tasks under the pre-launch stage, a total of six weeks is recommended. The pre-launch process allows you to select whether you will launch a certain product. A typical product validation process is Data Collection β†’ Research β†’ Data Analysis β†’ Recommendation.


Pre-launch (product validation)

<aside> πŸ’‘ For beta-launch, 6-8 weeks is recommended. The goal is to test and iterate quickly on products/ideas. At this stage, you will need a developer. After a beta launch, you should have a clear understanding of your target audience, your branding direction, and a competitive pricing structure.


Beta Launch

<aside> πŸ’‘ It’s time to convert and sell!


Product Launch